Moral Squeamishness

by Black Captain

Days after the euthanasia of a healthy young giraffe at Copenhagen zoo sparked controversy around the world, a second Danish zoo has announced that it is considering a similar fate for another giraffe – also named Marius.

Jyllands Park zoo, in western Denmark, currently has two male giraffes, but has been approved to participate in the European breeding programme. If zookeepers manage to acquire a female giraffe, seven-year-old Marius will have to make way.

– People are total idiots. Zoos themselves are founded on a culture of death and of the commidification of life. They make decisions of what to ‘save’ – why should it surprise if they make decisions on what to cull? What’s more, the first giraffe was mainly used for meat. The point here is again one of which arguments, which positions, hold water. Vegans, really, have voices that can be raised here – but then vegans, appropriately, must be opposed to zoos ab initio. One cannot think that they would be more upset by another example of that which is in itself wrong. Thus either you have no right to concern, or in the case that you do, your position is simply an extension of itself.

Put another way – zoos are not good places that sometimes do bad things. Zoos are bad places, that always do bad things. Surprise is an ineffective register of the complicit.