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Feminism in the real world

My true liberation finally came in the form of two revelations: one, there is no fuller feminist expression than being exactly the woman you are without shame. The feminist women I idolized most were joyous, their lives rich with incongruity, their feminism was more about love and less about rigid dogma. I realized that I was selling myself a bill of goods on feminism; that caring for a man—especially one I loved—wasn’t servitude.



This is a big fucking surprise: Three huge agribusinesses dominate $1bn US food aid policy

US food aid programme criticised as ‘corporate welfare’ for grain giants

Two-thirds of food for the billion-dollar US food aid programme last year was bought from just three US-based multinationals.

The main beneficiaries of the programme, billed as aid to the world’s poorest countries, were the highly profitable and politically powerful companies that dominate the global grain trade: ADM, Cargill and Bunge.

The Guardian has analysed and collated for the first time details of hundreds of food aid contracts awarded by the US department of agriculture (USDA) in 2010-11 to show where the money goes.

ADM, incorporated in the tax haven state of Delaware, won nearly half by volume of all the contracts to supply food for aid and was paid nearly $300m (£190m) by the US government for it. Cargill, in most years the world largest private company and still majority owned by the Cargill family, was paid $96m for food aid and was the second-largest supplier, with 16% of the contracted volume. Bunge, the US-headquartered global grain trader incorporated in the tax haven of Bermuda, comes third in the list by volume, and was paid $75m to supply food aid.

Together, these three agribusinesses sold the US government 1.2m tonnes of food, or almost 70% of the total bought.

via The Guardian

Remolachas – Menú 10/6-16-6

Primer plato

Bruschetta de pan de masa madre con anchoas marinadas en vino blanco, acompañada por acelgas de la huerta salteadas con coriander y comino

Plato principal

Gnocchi de patatas nuevas de la huerta y harina de escanda Asturiana con una salsa de mantequilla local, salvia recogida y parmesano
Ensalada de naranja local y hinojo silvestre


Tofu hecho a mano salteada con sal, pimienta y especies asiáticos
Piselli, fave, e lenticchie sott ‘olio (Arbeyos, faves y lentejas con aceite de oliva virgen)


Cerezas del mercado de Grado con vino tinto y requeixon de la zona

Mozambique farmers’ market at heart of fight against hunger

The owners and producers of this bountiful southern hemisphere harvest festival stand proudly by, frowning and smiling as visitors examine their wares. Remarkably, perhaps, these farmers are nearly all women. Against fierce odds, they are showing a lead in Mozambique’s desperate fight against hunger.

All the women belong to the Wapsala Association, a 33-strong agricultural collective created to boost local smallholders, ensure a steady, year-round, supply of high-nutrition foodstuffs in an area prone to chronic shortages, and help end the curse of malnutrition that affects about 44% of all Mozambican children under five.

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/jun/04/mozambique-farmers-market- fights-hunger

can’t find more info on the collective

Campesinas, claves en adaptar semillas a cambio climático

Las campesinas peruanas seleccionan y almacenan las semillas para asegurar su preservación, pero son ignoradas por las autoridades pese a la potencialidad de sus saberes para construir políticas eficaces de adaptación frente al cambio climático, que las amenaza cada vez más.

Ellas cumplen esta labor en Perú desde tiempos ancestrales, mediante una transmisión oral de sus conocimientos que hoy, sin embargo, resultan insuficientes ante los embates de lluvias inesperadas, heladas extremas, vientos huracanados y otros fenómenos ocasionados por el cambio climático.

http://www.diagramconsultores.com/noticias/medio-ambiente/36554- campesinas-claves-en-adaptar-semillas-a-cambio-climatico