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Feminism in the real world

My true liberation finally came in the form of two revelations: one, there is no fuller feminist expression than being exactly the woman you are without shame. The feminist women I idolized most were joyous, their lives rich with incongruity, their feminism was more about love and less about rigid dogma. I realized that I was selling myself a bill of goods on feminism; that caring for a man—especially one I loved—wasn’t servitude.



Desigualdad de género aumenta a la par de la población

El mundo tiene actualmente unos 7.000 millones de habitantes, y para 2050 serán 9.000 millones. Este aumento también multiplicará las desigualdades que operan contra las mujeres.

En su libro “State of the World 2012: Moving Toward Sustainable Prosperity” (La situación del mundo 2012: Avanzando hacia una prosperidad sostenible), el presidente del Worldwatch Institute, Robert Engelman, plantea nueve estrategias que, sostiene, frenarán de modo efectivo la expansión demográfica.

Las políticas de Engelman exigen una enorme reestructura de programas políticos y sociales, especialmente dirigidos a las mujeres.

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Japan shits bed: female athletes fly economy while men’s team sit in business

They are world champions and brought hope to a nation reeling from a natural disaster, but Japan‘s female Olympic footballers had to make do with economy class seats during their gruelling flight to Europe this week, while the less celebrated men’s team relaxed in business class.

The issue surrounding “Nadeshiko Japan”, who lifted the women’s world cup in Germany last summer, began soon after they arrived in Paris on a Japan Airlines flight from Tokyo.

“I guess it should have been the other way around,” Homare Sawa , the team’s star player, told Japanese media. “Even just in terms of age, we are senior,” she joked.

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