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(Ecuador) Ley que protege a mujeres se anularía

Representantes de colectivos de mujeres acudieron ayer a la Asamblea Nacional a fin de solicitar que se mantenga la Ley Contra la Violencia a la Mujer y la Familia, conocida como Ley 103, misma que se derogaría en sus títulos I, II del reglamento y la parte final del artículo 17, según se establece en el proyecto de Código Penal.

Anunciata Valdez, representante del Comité de Defensa de la citada ley, dijo que las mujeres organizadas del país están en “alerta roja” porque la eliminación de la misma dejaría en “indefensión” al colectivo.


More Polemic: 1% Wives Are Helping Kill Feminism

1. [F]eminism is pretty much a nice girl who really, really wants so badly to be liked by everybody — ladies who lunch, men who hate women, all the morons who demand choice and don’t understand responsibility — that it has become the easy lay of social movements. Who can possibly take feminism seriously when it allows everything, as long as women choose it? http://bit.ly/KHkUuX

2. Feminism is not about choice – at least not insofar as it’s about saying “Any choice women make is a feminist one and so we can’t criticize or judge it.” Feminism isn’t about creating non-judgmental happy-rainbow enclaves where women can do whatever they want without criticism. Feminism is about achieving social, economic and political equality for all people, regardless of gender. It’s not about making every woman feel good about whatever she does, or treating women like delicate hot-house flowers who can’t be criticized … it’s silly and counterproductive to say that feminists shouldn’t push women toward egalitarianism because men, as the more privileged class, should be doing all the work.

If staying home is your “feminist choice” and you actually have a full range of choices, what does that say to your sons and daughters about gender roles? Is it in any way challenging an already deeply-held cultural assumption that women exist to serve others? That women are care-givers and need-meeters and housekeepers and emotional-work-doers, whereas men are breadwinners and influencers and public-sphere-operators who are served by women? What is your son going to expect of himself and in a partner? What is your daughter going to internalize? http://bit.ly/KzlFcV

ONG dice Estado machista debilita ley contra violencia a mujeres en Nicaragua

La Red de Mujeres Contra la Violencia de Nicaragua advirtió hoy que la existencia de un

“Estado machista” debilitará la aplicación de una ley que castiga la agresión contra las féminas, mal que en los últimos cinco años ha dejado 568 asesinadas en este país.

La Ley Integral contra la Violencia hacia las Mujeres, aprobada en el Parlamento en enero pasado, entrará en vigor el próximo 22 de junio, pero grupos feministas independientes criticaron hoy a un “sistema machista” por “capacitar insuficientemente” a los funcionarios públicos.

“Esto debilita el alcance de la ley y también que el Estado, particularmente el Poder Ejecutivo, no quiera dialogar con las mujeres”, dijo a Efe María Teresa Blandón, miembro del Movimiento Feminista de Mujeres.



http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2012/apr/22/female-genital-mutilation-uk-medics As many as 100,000 women in Britain have undergone female genital mutilations (FGM) with medics in the UK offering to carry out the illegal procedure on girls as young as 10, it has been reported.

Men with Stay-at-Home Wives More Likely to be Sexist in the Workplace

Authors of this work say that a 2008 paper spurred them to wonder “‘whether a domestic traditionalist can also be an organizational egalitarian?’ The answer we posit is ‘no.’”

“We found that employed husbands in traditional marriages, compared to those in modern marriages, tend to (a) view the presence of women in the workplace unfavorably, (b) perceive that organizations with higher numbers of female employees are operating less smoothly, (c) find organizations with female leaders as relatively unattractive, and (d) deny, more frequently, qualified female employees opportunities for promotion.”

via http://goo.gl/LGkRn (Feministe)

INDIA: Slave work conditions dire for girl-child beedi cigarette labourers


(WNN) Kadiri, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA: Five-year-old Aliya thinks it is some kind of a game she must soon master to be a winner. From the time she wakes up till she goes to bed Aliya watches her mother and all the girls and women in her neighbourhood consumed in a frantic race. They all make beedis – the traditional hand-rolled Indian cigarettes.

For each beedi, the roller painstakingly places tobacco inside a dried tendu leaf, sourced from a local ebony tree. Then they tightly roll and secure it with a thread. Then they close the tips using a sharp knife. They work like this between 10 to 14 hours. Regardless of how long it takes, Aliya’s mother and others must all roll at least a 1,000 beedis to earn a ‘paltry sum’ of less than 2 dollars USD.

As part of its global campaign to stand up for the rights of the child, Plan International India has launched the “Because I am a Girl” programme which will be focusing on girl-child labour in Andhra Pradesh, including girls involved in beedi making. The project is expected to collectively impact 1,500 girls over 3 years, but children trapped in beedi work will need to receive rescue efforts on a much larger scale

Nancy Keenan on the War on Women, and Why Mitt Romney is More Evil Than Bush | Slog

Think of the hypocrisy of denying women access to birth control and outlawing abortions.

via Nancy Keenan on the War on Women, and Why Mitt Romney is More Evil Than Bush | Slog.

the world according to nouns (she’s a carnival)

So there you are, contextless, carrying these signs at a music festival (which it’s kind of expensive to go to in the first place, and your attendance implies that you either don’t have jobs at the moment or were able to get off of work, which is a privilege in and of itself) at which there will be a ton of drugs and alcohol, so consent is going to be harder to negotiate. You’re white, which means that you don’t have to deal with the same expectations about your sexual availability that women of color do. You carry these signs with smiles on your faces because you – like me – do not have to deal with the same kind of immediate dangers to our bodies and lives that our sisters of color do. Yes, we have to deal with street harassment. Yes, we are raped. Yes, we are assaulted. Yes, police sometimes don’t believe us. (They certainly didn’t believe me.) But we have better chances, better odds, than our sisters of color do.

via the world according to nouns (she’s a carnival).

Polemic and prostitution.

1. That ‘prostitution’ refers so rarely to women who ‘sell themselves’ (that is to say, reflexively) that it should always mean only ‘women who are sold’

2. Femen 2012 : http://goo.gl/clDvZ

Las activistas de FEMEN explicaron que: “Los símbolos de la Euro 2012 tienen erecciones y eso refleja la verdadera actitud de la UEFA hacia el Campeonato de Ucrania y Polonia”, esto en su última protesta que realizaron en contra del campeonato de fútbol próximo a disputarse.

Tras la protesta las manifestantes fueron apresadas y llevadas a una comisaría de Kiev. En su blog oficial denunciaron lo siguiente: “FEMEN continúa con este ‘ataque sexual’ y aconseja a los ucranianos que escondan a sus mujeres e hijos mientras se dispute el torneo, para protegerlos de los penes erectos de los turistas sexuales y de los pedófilos”.

El evento deportivo que agrupa a los mejores equipos del viejo continente inicia este 8 de junio.

3. Anti Femen: http://goo.gl/8VX98

4. Belle de jour http://goo.gl/uovZa

Keeping a brothel is illegal under the Sexual Offences Act 1956, but how the act is policed varies from force to force. Sex workers claim the act is being invoked far more stringently in the runup to the 2012 Games – even though there is no evidence there has been an increase in prostitution.

“These efforts are partly a response to the claim – made by governments, charity organisations and campaign groups – that the Olympics will lead to an increase in trafficking for prostitution,” the letter says. “This is despite the fact that there is no evidence that large sporting events cause an increase in trafficking.”

Sex workers claim the police tactics are stopping them from reporting crime. Last December in the east London borough of Barking and Dagenham, a violent gang carried out a series of robberies on brothels at knife-point. Sex workers at the brothels claim they were deterred from reporting the attacks after police threatened them with prosecution.

5. Uhhhh … .http://goo.gl/gfo2j

It’s impossible to get accurate figures on how many women are trafficked into London for sex work, but the excellent Poppy Project had a go in 2004 (wotchit – it’s a PDF). They estimated that just 19% of women in London’s sex industry were of UK origin. Not all of the foreign nationals will be forced, of course, but when you consider that anywhere between 6,000 and 18,000 trafficked women are thought to be in the UK for prostitution, and when the ever-wonderful PunterNet reports women who are frightened and unwilling, you know there’s a problem.

6. Why the sex-positive movement is bad for sex workers: http://goo.gl/Dcjr8

you might argue, sex positive feminists, including people who work in the sex industry and those who do not but respect the rights of sex workers, see sex positivity as a means to achieving social good, with a few great orgasms along the way. Why would sex positive feminists want to halt the progress toward human rights for sex workers? I believe that the answer is that sex positive feminists do not intend to create barriers for the achievement of sex workers’ rights, but that there are ways in which this happens anyway. And though it is frustrating to have something that you thought was good, that has your best intentions behind it, pointed out as being potentially or actually harmful, it is crucial to think about the ways we can make our umbrellas bigger and not smaller. Even if sometimes this may come at the personal cost of rerouting your values.

Somali militants offer 10 camels for information on Barack Obama | World news | guardian.co.uk

A Somali Islamist militant group is offering rewards of chickens and camels for information on the whereabouts of the US president, Barack Obama, and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, mocking the millions of dollars the United States has offered for leaders of the al-Qaida affiliate.

“Whoever reveals the hideout of the idiot Obama will be rewarded with 10 camels, and whoever reveals the hideout of the old woman Hillary Clinton will be rewarded with 10 chickens and 10 roosters,” he said, according to SITE.

via Somali militants offer 10 camels for information on Barack Obama | World news | guardian.co.uk.