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Pobreza expulsa en México a más mujeres y niñas

En años recientes, al fenómeno migratorio en México se han añadido dos nuevas aristas: la migración infantil y el crimen organizado, que ve a las personas en tránsito como caldo de cultivo para reclutarlas a la delincuencia o explotarlas sexualmente.

De acuerdo con especialistas en migración, este fenómeno va adquiriendo cada vez más un rostro femenino.

A pesar de la insuficiencia de datos oficiales, se percibe un aumento en el número de mujeres y niñas que por razones económicas y sociales abandonan sus lugares de origen, para mejorar sus condiciones de vida.


America is almost unique in the civilised world for forcing pregnant prisoners to undergo childbirth cuffed and shackled

In 2007, a 17-year-old girl called Cora Fletcher was charged with retail theft. Over a year later, after she missed a court date, she was sent to the Cook County jail, in Illinois. She was eight months pregnant at the time.

During a pre-natal check-up at the facility, her baby appeared to have no heartbeat, so she was sent to the county hospital. As the medical team tried to induce her, Fletcher claims that both her hands and both her feet were shackled to either side of the bed. Only when she finally went into labor, three days later, was one hand and one foot released. It’s hard to imagine a more crucifying way to force a woman to try to give birth.

Sadly for Fletcher, there was no payoff for the trauma and humiliation she was forced to endure, as her baby was born dead.

via Guardian Comment.

Guardian Comment – men rule womens’ issues

Among 35 major national print publications, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, men had 81 percent of the quotes in stories about abortion, the research group said Thursday, while women had 12 percent, and organizations had 7 percent.

In stories about birth control, men scored 75 percent of the quotes, with women getting 19 percent and organizations getting 6 percent. Stories about Planned Parenthood had a similar ratio, with men getting 67 percent, women getting 26 percent, and organizations getting 7 percent.

Women fared a bit better in stories about women’s rights, getting 31 percent of the quotes compared with 52 percent for men and 17 percent for organizations.

via Guardian Comment.