Met police urge rape victims to come forward as new detective arrested

The focus on Sapphire, the Met’s sex crimes department, comes after senior officers claimed less than three years ago that it had been reformed following a series of scandals in which two serial rapists were left at large to rape and abuse hundreds of women.

Scotland Yard at the time apologised for letting down victims after the failures in Sapphire, which were exposed by the cases of John Worboys, a black-cab driver and one of Britain’s most prolific serial rapists, and Kirk Reid, a south London chef who raped and sexually assaulted more than 71 women over eight years.

Both men had been allowed to continue abusing women, despite repeated complaints to police by their victims, who in the case of Worboys were simply not believed by investigating detectives.
Reid, who was investigated by officers from Sapphire in Southwark, had been identified as a suspect for a series of sex attacks in 2004 and crossed the police radar at least 12 times, but no one pursued inquiries into him.

via The Guardian